Friday, March 31, 2017

Guidelines For Getting A Professional Writer For Hire

By Roger Young

Hiring a writer is a big decision since the person will serve as a persona reflection of your brand. If they do a good job, this will reflect well on your or your company but if they do a bad job, you will be the one to be embarrassed. That is why you should find the best author possible. Here are some of the things you should know when you are looking for a professional writer for hire.

Find someone who has a good grasp of what you want them to do. They should have been writing for quite some time, so that they do not get overwhelmed by the task before them. If the topic is particularly difficult, you want someone who has been writing on that topic for a while and understands it well. If the topic is simple, you have much leeway, since you can even find a newbie to write the article.

Before you employee someone, test them first. You can do this by giving them a sample project to work on. If they excel at the task, then you know that they are a keeper. If they do a bad job, move on to someone else, until you find someone who can deliver quality work. Also, give someone small tasks at first and if they do well, slowly increase the amount of work assigned to them starting off by giving someone huge amounts of work before testing them is bound to fail.

Price is a vital consideration. The price ranges vary so much that you are sure to find someone who fits within your budget. However, just know that if you want quality work, you should be willing to pay for it. Most good authors won't accept low pay.

You want someone who is available to work and meet your deadlines. If you have lots of projects, go for a full time expert, who has lots of time to write. If your deadlines are not so tight, you can get someone who works on a part time basis.

Decide whether you want to get someone long term or short term. If you are planning to give them long term work, you can choose to pay them on a monthly basis. If you want someone short term, pay them whenever they complete a project. You might even choose to employ an author on a full term basis, if you have lots of work.

Explain to the person what you expect from them. Do you expect them to just write or perform other functions as well? This might include designing power point presentations and looking for images that go with your articles. Define the scope of the project. However, it might be unfair for you to expect an author to posses other skills, such as graphic designing or web designing. Get other people to do these tasks for you.

When searching for the right candidate, write ads that describe well the kind of person that you want. This will require that you provide some information about your company and the skills and work that the person will do. The more detailed your description, the higher the chances that you will find the right person.

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