Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Enhancement Of Walkers With Four Wheels For Seniors

By Michelle Hughes

As people, age so does the functions of its body and the strength decreases as time passes by. It reduces the mobility and ability to have balance as a person grows old. Cranes can be utilized by those that are not completely weakened by time, but for other senior citizens and a handicapped person, they seek the assistance of walkers to get on with their daily lives.

The year 1953, the first instrument to help aid the senior citizens came into existence patented and called walker. A four legged steel frame that assists old people in their walking activities and getting stability. And then, the tool got a makeover with the addition of two wheels situated in front of its frame to increase mobility, and now walkers with four wheels for seniors are constructed together with some supplementary purpose.

Walkers from the past require arm strength for incapacitated and elderly citizens in order to pick the device up and forward. Dragging the item makes it less comfortable for aged people to utilize more particularly the disabled ones that are not able to do such operation. Cases of strained and fatigued arms have been taken into consideration in enhancing the material for a more easier and efficient use.

That is where the two wheeled walkers emerged, that enhance the experience of walking preventing stress on the arms and friction during dragging operations. Utilizing the two wheels in front of the walker, enrich the motility of previous designs necessitating less effort, energy, and a more pleasing experience for the aged community.

Yet, the enhancements for the equipment never halted. Creators felt like it needs more wheels for more comfortable use and an instant seat for the user. Adding four wheels to the walker removes more drag than the previous concepts that were made, more comfortable, plus additional specifications that both senior and disabled citizens find essential.

The apparatus was equipped with a seat that old people can utilize whenever they are done walking around. Besides being portable, it also saves space inside the house as it is able to be folded and inserted into small spaces. Simple with more ability collated to the last two designs.

Aside from having a seat, it also includes a storage area just beneath the seat. In some parts of the world, grown up children tend to leave their homes at the age of 18 or 21 leaving parents to grow old with their partners or in other cases alone. Having storage area in this device allows them to carry their items around without exerting too much effort.

The same thins is applied for the disabled individual, particularly the ones that are not capable of moving around can be assisted with walkers with far more enhancements. By putting an engine to the instrument, it allows the incapacitated person to roam around with just a push of a button on the armrest, together with storage compartments to have a pleasing experience.

Even with this kind of enhancements, the development of the device continues as it considers other issues that old and disabled citizens might encounter. Right now, there are start up projects that allow a walker or automated rollators to be used in staircases. The possibilities for this invention is endless until every situation is to acknowledge the improvement will never stop in order to help those that need the aid.

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